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Powersoft is Building the Future of Subwoofers

Italian amplifier manufacturer Powersoft showcased the new technology behind the most powerful single amplifier module ever made.

Last month, Powersoft, a world-leading manufacturer of professional power amplifiers demonstrated its M-Force linear motor technology during an exclusive listening session in Los Angeles. 


The M-System is two parts, the M-Force transducer and the M-Drive amplifier. The M-Force features a futuristic motor that looks like something Henry Ford would have created given more time on this planet. It is a moving magnet linear motor transducer based system for low frequency applications; essentially, it is the technology behind an extremely powerful subwoofer. 

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The M-Drive has incredibly high output voltage (310 Vpeak) and current capabilities (200 Apeak) and implements Powersoft's DPC technology, which utilizes global feedback from the environment to promote maximum efficiency. It also features a Zero Latency DSP that performs real-time processing of the differential pressure control signal in order to adaptively correct the diaphragm displacement while in use. 

For those that are not so technical, the subwoofer and amplifier work together to actually analyze what is going on around them to ensure that they are always making the most pure sound possible. These systems are far more power efficient for clubs in terms of size and power usage, and they produce crystal clear low frequencies. 

To hear them for yourself head to Avalon in LA, where they have one of the worlds first systems. Unfortunately you will not be able to hear them at full power, because the club had to high-pass them at 30dB because the extremely low frequencies were literally shaking the foundation of the building. 

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