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VenessaMichaels Taps Into 90's Nostalgia With Her 'Say My Name' Remix

You haven't heard queen Bey like this. Trust.
Venessa Michaels 2090 Remixes

With the current resurgence of 90's culture among millennials struggling to adulthood, it's no wonder that talented producers like VenessaMichaels are seeing success from tapping into this well of nostalgia. Michaels has made a name for herself with her 2090 EP as well as her Jersey-fied remix of Gallant's "Weight In Gold". Now she's taking on the 90's with her #2090 90's Remix Series. 

The first taste of the #2090 remix series is a bouncy Jersey Club remix of the classic Destiny's Child tune "Say My Name". This tracks vibrant, funky synth lines and banging breaks make it an undeniable club banger. Bring a little 90's magic back into your life with VenessaMichaels' latest release. 

In honor of her #2090 Premiere with us, we were able to ask Michaels a few questions on music, life, and of course the 90's. 

Who inspired you to make music?

My grandma and mom encouraged me to start learning young. I have forever been attached to music ever since. I’m grateful for them.

Who are some artists you’re into at the moment?

Hudson Mohawke, Cashmere Cat, Lido, Hoodboi, Falcons. And of course my always inspirations are Kiana Brown, Leven Kali, Tay Jasper, Jonah Christian.

You describe your sound as #2090, since it blends modern EDM styles with elements of ‘90s music. What are some of your favorite non-music things from the ‘90s? (cartoons, tv shows, styles, food, etc.)

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Rugrats, YoYos, Pez’s, Tamagotchis, Pokemon Cards, Gameboys, Furby, everything...

Whats your most memorable show to date?

So far my most memorable show was at the Echoplex with Stooki Sound, Promnite, Madeaux and Astronomar. The vibe was unreal. The crowd there was on 100 all night long and definitely there for the music. I can’t even explain it. S/O Iheartcomix for throwing such a great event.

How did attending UC Santa Cruz influence your music/production style?

Well I wouldn’t say it really influenced my production sound, but I learned a lot about what I didn’t want to make. When I was producing tracks in Santa Cruz, I was still figuring out my sound. I was making EDM, trap, and some electro. I was all over the place. I just got much better at performing, because I had a residency at MOTIV.

What are some of your favorite music production tools? (favorite plug-in maybe?)

Currently Sylenth1. This changes every once in awhile.

What’s the best piece of advice anyone’s ever given you?

“Whatever is it that you do, be happy.” Mom <3

Any advice for fellow producers?

Don’t get frustrated, just keeeeeep going! Work with as many talented people as you possibly can, and learn from everyone. Learn, learn, learn, and FEEL it. If you’re not feelin’ it, start over. 

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