Review: Razer Kraken Mobile Headphone

It's bright, it's bold but is it for you?
Razer's Kraken Mobile Headphone 

Razer's Kraken Mobile Headphone 

Razer is getting ambitious. If you know the brand, you will already be familiar with their top-tier offerings in the beefed up gaming computer market but there is a new side of the company emerging.

They have realized their computers are great for a lot more than just gaming with the launch of their Razer Music program, and an expansion into new types of gear has started to reflect this new aggressive attitude. 

Razer has released a slew of headphone offerings that have been quite reliable, and now they are targeting the mobile/gaming market with their hybrid Kraken Mobile. 

This is a headphone that's got an attitude with its intense color ways and universal stance from gaming to use with your mobile device. This is a headphone for multiple purposes from talking on your phone to listening to music to gaming; it works for everything. 

This is NOT a gaming headset. You are getting what we call the "whole enchilada" here with an emphasis on lifestyle. This is a headset that is designed for every part of your life, and that's a new thing for Razer. 

kraken mobile headphone

Razer Kraken Mobile in Neon Blue

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The design and color ways are not for the timid, so if you are looking for something that's going to blend in, this isn't it. Strangely enough, this was a headphone that was designed to work with iOS devices despite the fact that Razer is company firmly rooted in the PC world. However, you can purchase an Android accessory pack so don't freak out just yet. The cord is detachable, so you can remove it or swap it out for whatever device you are using. This is all pretty standard stuff but nice to see at this price point. 

The Kraken Mobiles are flashy, but they also deliver on sound, functionality and durability unlike many of their competitors at the same price point. These headphones were designed for someone with a very active lifestyle and will survive many fold-ups and bag slams. 

The headphones create a good seal along with a comfortable fit and not too much clamp that can cause acute fatigue. I wore these for over an hour of continuous listening, and I could have gone another hour without any complaints. The padding around the ear cups is comfortable and creates an excellent seal for most, but those with larger ears might not dig it. 

If you have larger ears you might want to try headphones with a more oval design on the ear cups, it's a relatively common issue, so shop around to get that perfect fit. 

The headphones are on par or a little heavier for headphones in their class. As far as overall portability these guys are relatively large, so if you are carrying a backpack or messenger bag you will be fine, anything smaller will have issues. 

The Razer Kraken Mobile delivers reliable performance for the mid-range market. There is no virtual surround sound but that's not really the offering here, this is a universal headphone for those that want a unit that can handle everything. The sound will most likely satisfy across the board. The cans have bass and settle nicely across the mids and highs. This is not an audiophile headphone by any stretch but will easily satisfy the typical music fan that wants reliable multi-purpose sound. 

If you like to listen to your music loud beware as the Kraken Mobile will leak a bit and piss off your neighbor on a flight, train or bus ride. However, you probably shouldn't be listening to your tunes that loud anyway if you want to keep your hearing.  

The Razer Kraken Mobile is a great headphone for the mobile gamer and music fan and is a top choice for the price point. Worth a listen and a look for the target audience, especially if you want to make a statement with your colorways.

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