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What's In My Bag? With Recondite at Amoeba Music

Recondite digs through Amoeba Music and shares a diverse collection of records that inspired him growing up
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For an artist that produces deep and dark Techno and House music, you might not expect Recondite to select these records for Amoeba's What's In My Bag? series. Although, when you think about it, many producers today have been influenced by an array of old-school Hip-Hop and Metal that fueled their creativity to blossom. 

Recondite reveals a lot about himself in this short video. From being a 12 year old Bavarian kid going to the Wu-Tang store in Staten Island to his time as a physical therapist in Austria, with this selection he takes us through those influential years that played a crucial part in making him the artist he is today. His diverse taste in music is on full display here, so dive right in and get inside the mind of Recondite.

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