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Republican Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio Calls EDM "Genius"

Some notes on Marco Rubio: He opposes gay marriage and likes Tiesto

It's clear that Marco Rubio has his ear to the ground. In a recent interview aired on CNN, the Republican Presidential Candidate was asked about his favorite style of music. He never actually says he "likes" EDM, but he goes even further to point out it's "genius". 

"In many ways it's real genius and it's a 21st-century ability to take music and use it in a way that motivates people." 

Perhaps Rubio is trying to connect with today's youth. After all, the youth hold the key to the future. Even Skrillex points this out in his recent comment in The New York Times

Who knows whether or not the Florida senator actually listens to EDM. It's certainly not hard to picture him getting down at Tiesto concert... Still, it's not easy to see Rubio in the White House. He does oppose gay marriage and the legalization of weed which are two forward thinking ideas that are being pushed for legislation. Nevertheless, 2016 is right around the corner and it's anybody's race.

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