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Brooklyn Residents Aim to Shut Down Time Warp US Event, Organizers Say It Will Go As Planned

Residents are concerned with "parking" and having an event in a "residential community"

The internationally renowned Techno festival known as Time Warp is scheduled to take place at the Bedford-Union Armory in Crown Heights on November 20th and 21st, but Brooklyn residents are lobbying to shut it down.

Time Warp, a festival with roots in Germany, has been known to showcase the best dance music in world. Last year Brooklyn hosted the first ever Time Warp US event that was a huge success with two massive rooms for music, complete with their iconic "cave" decorations and top quality sound. People have been eagerly awaiting their return to Brooklyn and we're hoping it will once again go off smoothly without any issues. 

Of course, not everyone is down for a party and residents of the Crown Heights neighborhood are looking to have the event canceled. Siting issues such as "parking" and having an event in a "residential community" have sparked a debate. (Seriously, "parking", that seems ridiculous right?) Of course the obvious concern for having "potentially intoxicated" people in the neighborhood is something to think about, but this is New York City! People are "potentially intoxicated" on every block. After all, it's a city and there are millions of people, you can't escape reality.

Assemblymember Walter Mosley is leading the charge to have the event cancelled. “This is something that residents of north Crown Heights were extremely concerned about,” he claimed.

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In a statement, Time Warp said the event will continue on as scheduled and that they received all necessary approvals from DCAS before they began to sell tickets. "All procedures thus far have been properly handled ... We are underway for a seamless event at Bedford Union Armory," Time Warp said.

It looks like those who oppose the event will continue to try and shut it down, right up until the day finally comes where we can all revel in the wonders of Time Warp on November 20th and 21st. We'll keep you posted as more news surfaces. 

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