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Japanese gear maker Roland has outlined their next set of releases for their AIRA line of production gear. The entire new line of products are Eurorack-compatible and use 1/8 inch patch cables, meaning the devices can work with other synths using the current modular standard. 


The SYSTEM-1m is a 19-inch rackmount unit that Roland describes as "semi-modular." Similar to the original AIRA SYSTEM-1, other software synths, like Roland's SH-101 and PROMARS emulations can be loaded in. It also features a number of external inputs and CV/gate connections for customizability with the integration of a larger synth setup than was available in the previous iteration of the synth. 


The four modular effects units that were announced are Bitrazer, Demora, Scooper, and Torcido. Bitrazer is a bitcrusher; Demora is a delay; Scooper emulates the Scatter effect from other AIRA devices; and Torcido is a distortion unit. The devices are fully customizable using an app for MAC, PC, iOS and Android and can also link via USB to AIRA's MX-1 "mix performer." 

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The rollout concludes with Roland's new fully analog catalogue, the SYSTEM-500 series. SYSTEM-500 products are based on the classic SYSTEM-100M modular synthesizer, but with modern advantages. 

For more information and prices on the AIRA modular series click here.

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