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Rumor Alert: Is Avicii Dropping Another Album Soon?

Is it time for some quick redemption after that last disappointment?
Avicii Finishes As Billboard's Top Dance/Electronic Artist Of 2014


Ok, so the last record was pretty much a bummer, a stinker, craptastic kitchen sink pop, etc. Stories was just meh. Is team Avicii feeling the need to send in reinforcements for that blunder or are they just going to unload another disappointment on us? 

Whatever it may be, it seems that there just might be a new record right around the corner in 2016 according to the Q&A he did on Quora a popular AMA style website. 

Let's hope he goes back to his OG self and starts making some great epic housey type of stuff that he does so damn well, anything but contrived pop music.

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Here's a snippet from the converstion below. 


H/T:  YourEDM

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