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Check Out Saint Tiimbre's Seductive 'Body Moves' In Their Latest Video

If you're ready to get lost in some enchanting visuals, you've come to the right place
Saint Tiimbre Body Moves

Talented Bay Area trio Saint Tiimbre have crafted yet another masterpiece for the indie-tronic world, with their latest track 'Body Moves'. Composed of Zion I producer AmpLive, rising beat production star JULiA LEWiS, and vocalist Natasha Adorlee, the group is on a steady course for stardom. “Body Moves” features a funky bass line which is accompanied by brief flourishes of chimes and synthesizers which blend into one steady infectious groove. 

The video for the track adds an exciting visual component to the experience with a simple yet intriguing story line that complements the song. The visuals allow Adorlee to show off her background in dance with some seductive moves that perfectly match her sultry vocals, only adding to this already captivating work of art.

Check out the video below, and stay tuned for their Body Moves EP by following them on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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