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Soundtoys Gives Away Its Epic Little AlterBoy Plugin Free

Get your copy of the AlterBoy Plugin free for a limited time

Soundtoys is making some big moves this Black Friday weekend with heavy discounts on their amazing plug-ins and a free copy of Little AlterBy now through November 30.

We have been paying attention to Soundtoys for a while now and are super excited about the new rack version, read more here. 

More info on the sale below:

Get our whole collection at the lowest price ever:

Soundtoys 5 (includes ALL 18 plug-ins) $299 (Reg. $499)

Little AlterBoy FREE (Reg. $99)

PrimalTap $49 (Reg. $149)

EchoBoy $99 (Reg. $199)

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Decapitator $99 (Reg. $199)

Crystallizer $69 (Reg. $149)

FilterFreak $69 (Reg. $149)

Tremolator $59 (Reg. $129)

PanMan $59 (Reg. $129)

PhaseMistress $59 (Reg. $129)

MicroShift $59 (Reg. $129)

Radiator $59 (Reg. $129)

Devil-Loc Deluxe $59 (Reg. $129)

Offer ends November 30. 

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