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Driver Sentenced to Life in Prison for Fatal SXSW Crash

After the death of four people, a life sentence has been issued

In the blink of an eye, a bad decision can lead to life in prison. Last year a man was driving at SXSW when he crashed into a crowd of people, killing four civilians. Rashad Owens, 23, was sentenced to life in prison after a week long trial and jury deliberation found him guilty of capitol murder. 

In March 2014, he was spotted by police driving without headlights at 12:30AM. After a brief chase, Owens drove down the wrong lane on Interstate 35 and once on Red River Street he drove through a crowd of people outside a venue. It was reported that he was driving 55 mph as he hit numerous people. The city streets of Austin are extremely crowded during SXSW and when this tragedy occurred, it shocked the music world. 

This was "the highest offense ever dealt to anyone arrested in a fatal drunken driving crash in Austin" and the severity of his actions are what provoked this. One witness described the scene as it “almost looked like a bomb had gone off,” and another said it looked like a tornado just blew through.

Owens is a father of six and was once an aspiring rapper. Watch the arguments from the prosecutor below.

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[source: My Statesman]

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