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The Best Headphones Ever Made Cost $55,000 From Sennheiser

The best headphones in history will set you back $55,000...but are they worth it?

In the 1990s, Sennheiser set out to build the best headphones ever. The result was 300 sets of the legendary Orpheus headphones which sold for $16,000. Now Sennheiser has done it again, creating something even better and at a cost of $55,000. 

These new headphones are a reboot build of the technology in the original. Taking a team of Sennheiser experts almost a decade to produce, they updated the electrostatic design and amplifier of the old Orpheus for modern times. 

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These headphones are the complete audiophile's experience, quartz glass vacuum tubes ascend from their marble casing and emit a magnificent glow while the protective glass covering opens up unveiling the headphones themselves. The marble comes from Carrara, Italy, the same place Michelangelo got his marble. 


Not just a beautiful design, these bad boys boast the title of cleanest-sounding headphones every built. A sampling rate of up to 384 kHz, 32 bit resolution, 8 hertz to over 100 kilohertz frequency response and 8 internal DACs make it apparent why the Orpheus headphones are of the highest quality.   

If you truly love the beauty of audio, and most importantly can afford these, please let us know if they are as amazing as they sound (all puns intended). 

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