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Carl Craig Gives Us Nostalgic Techno in His Remix for The Chemical Brothers

Carl Craig is at his best with this new remix
Carl Craig press photo

Fast, thumping, hypnotic and relentless. That's the way I would describe my favorite tracks within the Techno genre. The best tracks are repetitive, yes of course, it's Techno, but it's the brilliantly repetitive tracks that stand out. Productions that grab you with it's rhythm and don't let you go until the artist is ready to release their hold. That's why I tend to say the track is hypnotic or mesmerizing, it's because it truly puts me in a daze. 

This new Carl Craig remix of The Chemical Brothers 'Sometimes I Feel So Deserted' is everything I described above and much more. It's over 10 minutes long and when you listen to the track it's easy to imagine it captivating a crowd at the peak of a DJ set. At about 5 minutes in the track takes a brilliant turn with a more drawn out approach, but comes right back to the driving rhythm that carries on throughout the entire track. 

This is that relentless Techno which is what made fans attracted to the new sound when it was being pioneered in Detroit. Carl Craig is a product of this and it shows in the new remix. Listen to the stream below to get a feel for what I've been describing here and get lost in the Techno dreamscape that Carl Craig provides.

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Available November 20 in North America. Out now for the rest of the world. Purchase Here

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