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This Is Why You Are Bored With All The Big Room DJs

This mash up mega mix by Daleri says it all, listen and the truth will set you free

We are starting to hear it from all sorts of new electronic music fans, over the last couple years the main stage hag gotten tired, really tired. Superstar DJ fatigue is setting in and it's spreading like the zombie virus on the Walking Dead, the infected are just swaying in front of the speakers brain dead looking for bass. Think of Darius as Rick Grimes putting a knife in your head, they will free you from the monotony of main stage big room sameness. Or maybe you love it, that's fine too, zombie on brothers and sisters, we can't save everyone. 

Don't believe it, listen to this mash up by Daleri (aka Rick Gimes in this analogy) and look at the track listing below. It's pretty obvious that there is a massive creative rut, what happened to "Think Different?"

1. Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike - Wakanda (Original Mix) [Intro]
2. FTampa - Kick It Hard (Original Mix)
3. Alvaro & Moti - NaNaNa (Original Mix)
4. Pyero - Genesis (Original Mix)
5. Chuckie, Dzeko & Torres - Down To This (Original Mix)
6. Makj - Springen (Original Mix)
7. Sini - Razz Up (Original Mix)
8. Pelari - Cango (Original Mix)
9. Krewella - Alive (Hardwell Remix)
10. Shermanology - The Only Way (Original Mix)
11. W&W - Thunder (Original Mix)
12. Gta, Henrix & Digital Lab - Hit It! (Original Mix)
13. Sultan, Ned Shepard, Fedde Le Grand - No Good (Extended Mix)
14. Henrix, Wayne & Woods - Jumangee (Original Mix)
15. Alvaro & Mercer feat. Lil Jon - Welcome To The Jungle (Original Mix)
16. Klauss Goulart & Mark Sixma - Rio (Original Mix)

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