Tricky recently moved to Berlin and once he got settled, he began working on a new project dubbed Skilled Mechanics. As a solo artist, he's been in the spotlight for much of his career, but with his new group he forms a cohesive band. 

For Skilled Mechanics, Tricky tapped his long time collaborator DJ Milo and and drummer Luke Harris. This new project allows for the artists to work with a multitude of musicians while at the same time pushes Tricky's unique vocal talents to the forefront. When talking about how he came up with the name, Tricky says:

“It’s from a documentary about espionage. There was an ex-C.I.A. agent on this programme speaking about assassins who were sent abroad by the US to start revolutions and topple governments. He called them ‘skilled mechanics’. I thought that was a great name for someone who was a killer basically. The name was so dark and cynical it just stuck with me.”

'Diving Away', which is a version of 'Porpoise Head’ by Porno For Pyros, is the first single from the new album. Tricky describes how he once toured with the band and his admiration for Perry Farrell is what prompted him to cover the track.

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"I toured with them in Australia in 1996. My daughter Mazy, who was about four years of age, was with us and she had frontman Perry Farrell wrapped round her little finger. He took all of us to Sealand in Australia. So there was me and Porno For Pyros all trying to get her pram onto the Australian metro. But how many big artists would do something beautiful like that? I think it speaks volumes about him. So I’ve got a lot of love for Perry Farrell and I’ve always wanted to cover one of his songs.”

Listen to 'Diving Away' below and get ready for Skilled Mechanics debut album Tricky presents: Skilled Mechanics due out 22nd January, 2016 on False Idols / !K7. Pre-order Here


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