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Twitter Wars: deadmau5 vs. Aaron Carter

deadmau5 doesn't like it when you drop mediocre trap beats over his tracks
aaron carter

Aaron Carter vs. mau5 

Now for some fluffy stupid stuff, you've had a hard day so relax and unwind with Twitter Wars. 

Lady Gaga has her "Little Monsters" and deadmau5 has his "Little mau5ers" who will unleash the wrath of their big eared deity should thou fuckest with him. Aaron Carter (Backstreet Boys Dude's litte brother, yeah who cares...) decided to Instagram some jenky remix he was doing of the mau5's track "The Veld" and mau5 was bummin on him. 

Our friend Matt Meadow over at YourEDM sniffed out the daytime TV, err internet drama and posted up on this hilarious exchange. The worst part, mau5 challenges the dude to settle it like a "man" with a fucking video game showdown... ugh. Maybe they should just have a pillow fight and put it on pay per view instead, or a live YouTube stream (if you do this Magnetic want's 10%). 

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deadmau5 vs aaron carter twitter battle

H/T: YourEDM

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