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Everything You Need To Know About The UAD Exclusive New Plug-Ins

Universal Audio has released three new plug-ins for analog emulation.

UAD Powered Plug-Ins are highly regarded as possibly the world's best analog hardware emulation plug-ins. They require UAD-2 DSP Accelerator hardware or the Apollo audio interfaces to be used. This all adds up to a hefty price tag, but in the end, the quality of UAD plug-ins in renowned. 

Eventide H910 Harmonizer: Introduced in the mid-'70s, is a unique analog/digital circuit generated iconic pitch change, delay, glitch, and modulation effects. It is the worlds first and only end-to-end circuit emulation of the legendary processor. 

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The Marshall Legends Bundle: Developed by Softtube, this bundle gives three iconic Marhall amps - the Plexi Super Lead 1959, the Bluesbreaker 1962 and the Silver Jubilee 2555. Each of theses amplifiers gives the exact same distinct tone and feel of the individual amps. 

The Oxide Tape Recorder: This plug-in provides UA's magnetic tape emulation technology in a simple, affordable package - with all the essential features. With this plug-in you can quickly and easily make your songs have the clarity, punch, and warmth of a "record." 

All 3 of these plug-ins/bundles has their merit and can be extremely useful in any production situation. Although the price tags of $149-399  for each may seem daunting, anyone with UAD knows the true power and merit of their plug-ins.

Learn More at Universal Audio.

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