Weekly drum and bass flavoured meme ditched in favour of a beyoootiful LIQUICITY piece - in honour of their big gig in London this week! Congrats guys, from humble beginnings as a YouTube channel, Liquicity has morphed into a masterful collection of artists who have captured all the feels in one little label. Come Saturday you've got Cyantific, you've got Maduk, Cartoon...T & Sugah are there as well...it's all kicking off and better yet for London, there's still tickets!! Liquify yo'selves London.

Check last week's chartage....

“Dark Lights” - Dimension
[MTA Records]

A producer I know described this new release from Dimension as ‘so consistent’ and I couldn’t agree more. Following the footprints of Whip Slap and Maschinen with pride.

“Artifical Skin” - London Elektricity ft. Keeno & Emer Dineen
[Hospital Records]

London Elek’s presenting his 6th full album, ‘Are We There Yet’ in a live chat at the Apple Store in Covent Garden with Carly (great name) Wilford. He'll also be chatting about the current climate of the drum & bass scene, the history of Hospital and what's to come. Wednesday 11th November at 6PM.

“This Will Come” - Retronics
[Soulvent Records]

Big up the Hungarian dnb representation on East London label Soulvent Records - world's joining, music merging.

“Hello (High Contrast Remix)” - Adele

Yeah I'm a girl, I basically can't help myself. What upppp High Contrast!!!

“Steam Machine" - Culture Shock
[RAM Records]

Premmed as 'Friction's Fire' on Radio 1 this week, Steam Machine is the first track from Mr. Shock's forthcoming TRANSIT EP...and it'll be no shock to anyone that this is outrageous.

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“Knock It Down” - Dilemn and The Clamps

Tune be part of the Neuroporn project where eight tunes, from a range of artists, all show off their finest neuro-influenced beats. Get the tissues!

“Drawback” - Phace & Noisia
[Critical Music]

'Electronic music standard setters. These guys create the heat and other people follow' Yes Zane Lowe! Yes!

“Falling Down Stairs” - Ed Rush & Optical
[Virus Recordings]

What's more relaxing than falling down the stairs? Not this new beat from dream team Eddy R and Opty (yeh, close mates) - that's for damnnn sure.

“Cry Me” - Lockjaw and Machine Code
[Rise Audio]

Lulls one into a false sense of security before bashing your brains out with beat. cry me a banger indeed.

“Barking” - Rido
[Plasma Audio]

Loving the antipodean drum and bass vibes!

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