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Weekly Top 10 Drum and Bass Chart - 11.13.15

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Wednesday night saw London Elektricity, head of Hospital, front and centre in the Apple Store presenting his new album to a small room of dedicated Drum and Bass fans. He revealed, much to the detriment of my homeland pride, that literally the first time he was unable to play vinyl in a set was at my motherland’s leading NYE festival, Rhythm and Vines…nice one NZ! Yeesh....let's hope they sort that one for this year...

Check last week's chartage....

"Sunburnt In Malaysia" - Royalston ft. LyfLyk
[Med School]

Been waiting for this to come out online so I can bang on about it and him some more. Royalston!!!! Listen!!! Huge!! His talent has rendered me incapable of the common sentence.

“Memories” - Liz-E

Big upping for the ladies in drum and bass...lorra love. 

“Arabia" - BMotion
[Viper Recordings]

Transportive and frantic. Bit like my tube journey in the morn but y'know - enjoyable.

"Homeworld" - Enei ft. Charlie Brix
[Critical Music]

Enei describes his new album, ‘Rituals’, as an extension of his soul. We should all be flattered to gain access to something that raw. 

“Rave Cult” - Rockwell ft. Phace
[Shogun Audio]

Hot off the Obsolete Medium album - launch party info for that little treat, where Rockwell will be performing a ‘past, present and future' set, can be found here

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“Ladies Night (Drumsound & Bassline Smith VIP)” - Demo & Cease
[Techniques Music]

Wellll Fricko's put his stamp on it and I ain't about to argue with that fellah.

"Sticks and Stones" - Fourward
[Shogun Audio]

There's something about the way this track sounds like words...without saying words...that has me smitten. Are you guys getting that?? Maybe I'm cracked. Delusions aside - this is a goodie!

“Matriarch” - Mefjus & Xtrah

You don't mess with the Matriarch and you don't mess with the Mefjus and Xtrah tag team.

“Watch Me” - Feint
[Cloudhead Records]

I was under the impression that Andy Isaac Hu, the Manc dnb producer Feint, was a Liquicity man....nice nicking Cloudhead Records! New EP coming out shortly.

"Drop Ship" - London Elektricity
[Hospital Records]

Been a hard choose but fave track off the new album I thinks! Check out the music vids for all the tunes on it - they're made up of his old family vids going way back in the day. Bless.

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