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Weekly Top 10 Hip Hop Chart - November 13, 2015

The very best Hip Hop and R&B to drop this week.

This week's chart creates the perfect blend of mainstream, independent and underground hip hop, and it all comes together beautifully like a grape swisher and an ice cold 40 oz of Old English. Below is a quick breakdown of each track so catch up with what you missed out on and bump this bitch proudly. It's the weekend baby, go on and have you some fun. 

Logic - "Fade Away"
This song has over a million plays already. Can anybody stop Logic right now?!?! Make sure you cop his new album "The Incredible True Story" on itunes asap!

Chaz French - "No Shade" ft. Wale (prod. by Super Miles)
+1 for Chaz on this one as he clearly has the stronger verse on "No Shade". 

Jay Whiss - "Watch This" (Prod. Lani Christ)
Jay has that effortless flow that just keeps your head nodding for the whole damn track. I can appreciate that young energy in his voice as well. Keep an eye on this one. 

Tunji Ige - "On My Grind"
"Got a little angel that I cant forget". I love the hook on this one and Tunji Ige is just doing his thing much better than most at the moment.

Lil Herb f. Joey Badass - "Lord Knows" (Prod. Metro Boomin)
Heavy hitters all up on this track. I love anything produced by Metro Boomin right now.

WELL$ - "Coldest Heart" ( Prod. by Sipho The Gift)
My favorite track on this week's chart by far. Well$ is authentic with his lyrics, flow, and style and this beat from "Sipho The Gift" is like is like a gift from the gods. #SODOPE

Atmosphere - "This Lonely Rose" feat. Blueprint & Aesop Rock
Ryhmesayers never disappoints and Slug is a GOAT when it comes to that real life hip hop for the every day man. Solid verses from Blueprint and Aesop Rock are also always appreciated. 

Alex Wiley Ft. Calez & Chance The Rapper - "Navigator Truck"
I'm never mad at a new Alex Wiley track. Village Party 2 drops on 11/20.

Waka Flocka - "Blue or Red" (Prod. By Southside & Metro Boomin)
Mr. Flocka Flame drops another almighty banger for his fans with crazy production from Southside and Metro Boomin. #Fire

Pusha T - "Untouchable"

Unfortunately this one was not on soundcloud so you will have to click on the Youtube video below to check this out. It's by far the best Pusha T song I personally have heard in a while and I will be blaring loudly out of my car on my ride home from work with out a doubt. 

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