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Weekly Top 10 Techno Chart - November 23, 2015

Magnetic Magazine's weekly top 10 Techno chart for the week of 11/23/15.  This week features tracks from Oscar L, Tale of Us, Loco & Jam, Fluida, Rob Hes, and more!

Hello Magnetic Magazine readers. Welcome to another installment of the weekly top 10 Techno chart. I just want to start by saying that last week was horrific for the entire world. I know you don’t come to the Techno chart to get your news so I won’t go over the recent events. What I do want to say is, always remember that we are all human beings. There will always be a person or group of people who will try to destroy the diversity that makes this grain of sand flying through the universe special. We cannot progress unless we find a way to celebrate and respect the differences of our brothers and sisters all over the world, seeing that progress can only happen when we build each other up, not tear each other down. So as you listen to the music I have selected for this chart, realize how awesome it is that you are listening to the creative expression of people from all over the world. Let’s get into it.

“Perfect Execution” – Loco & Jam
[Toolroom Trax]

Loco & Jam have been killing the game this year so it's no surprise to see yet another release from them on the weekly top 10 Techno chart. This single, out now on Toolroom Trax, has great swing and gently toes the border between Techno and Tech House. The heavy sub kick, cavernous breakdowns, and chopped vocal sample bring the Techno, while the shuffling percussion and grooving bass line bring the House.

“North Star” – Tale of Us
[R&S Records]

Tale of Us is back again this week with another epic mental journey induced through aural stimulation. These guys are incredible arrangers and experts in knowing exactly how and when to build and release tension. Words can’t begin to explain the intricacies of this track. So just put your headphones on (stereo listening is a must) and close your eyes…

“Hot Controller” – Prok & Fitch

Prok & Fitch make their debut on the furriest label in tech, Suara, with two hot tracks on their Tears EP. Speaking of hot, “Hot Contoller” will aggressively heat up the dancefloor with its beefed up bass, slick samples, and dangerously sharp percussion.

“See You (Fluida Remix)” – The 2 Bears
[Southern Fried Records]

The 2 Bears recently dropped the remix package for their huge The Night Is Young LP, and the roster for the remixes is just as incredible. Fluida is a mysterious duo from the UK known for their tribal tech rhythms. Their interpretation of “See You” starts out with long and airy pads that build up to a massive, funky, tribal percussion drop that will wake you up and get you out on the dancefloor.

“Stratos (Skober Remix)” – Alex Mine & D-Deck
[KD Raw]

About 4 months ago, Alex Mine and D-Deck brought dark vibes with their two track EP on Kaiserdisco’s Techno-centric sub label KD Raw. So, it's perfect that Skober would bring his own signature dark energy on board for the remix. He took the massive track and made it bigger, bringing the booming sub bass, dubbed out effects, and the screaming vocal during the breakdowns.

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“Sounds From the Deep” – Rob Hes

Rob Hes has brought his talents to Pig&Dan’s label, Elevate, to release his booming three tracker, Human Art EP. Rob Hes has over 10 years of experience in the studio and released tracks under many aliases but the releases under his own name are garnering attention from labels like Bedrock, Ovum, Sci+Tec, and Tronic. “Sounds From The Deep” takes you on a dubbed out journey under the sea with bubbling vocals and airy synths on top of the steady pounding beat.

“Unsentimental” – Stephan Hinz
[Second State Audio]

Stephan Hinz joined Pan-Pot’s Second State Audio family in 2014 and it's no surprise when you listen to his style that he's a perfect fit for the label. His blooming beats are showcased in his latest release titled, Unsentimental EP. The title track is a heavy dub with a morphing synth melody and quick stabs throughout that will put you on an energy roller-coaster.

“Collinearity (Oscar L Remix)” – Umek

Spanish DJ, producer, and party promoter (see Mutte), Oscar L, brings his talents to 1605 again to remix the boss’ (Umek) summer groove, “Collinearity”.  Oscar gives it more of a raw industrial feel by stripping back the heavy groove of the original and showcasing his arrangements of hissing stabs, ticking percussion, and punchy hollow bass.

“Divergent” – Alex Niggemann
[Aeon Audio]

I have another Techno journey lined up for you. This one comes from the Aeon label boss himself as part of his two track Divergent EP. Alex Niggemann slowly applies layer after layer of panning pads, dubbed out stabs, and rolling percussion over the base layer of, well, bass. The airy melody creeps in and out lifting you up and gently letting you down like a feather in the breeze.

“Black Light” – Kaiserdisco

Earlier you got to hear a release from KD Raw and now we have a track from the famed fathers of the label, Kaiserdisco. It’s out now on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode and if you know Drumcode, you know what to expect from this single. It is heavy, dark, and energetic Techno with classic stabs that build up to a drop that will have you gritting your teeth.

Thanks for reading everyone.  Below is the full playlist for you to enjoy.  Stay safe and remember that we are all united under music. See you next week.

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