Hello. The mysterious word that can lead to nothing and everything. 

We say it a lot, sometimes out of blind politeness and other times with a million adrenaline junkie butterflies in our stomach jacked up on Mountain Dew. It’s the easiest and hardest ordinary thing to say but when you unleash it, a door is opened to a place that no GPS has ever mapped. 

I’ve said it to many for no good reason, mostly because I’m a curious and warm-blooded animal that enjoys interactions both small and big. To say hello is out of love, lust, wanting to announce your presence and wanting to build community, to reach out and make a connection whether it be fleeting it or fortuitous. 

It is a lost art in some places and an instinct in others. I live in one of these places (Los Angeles) and just returned from the other (North Carolina) and because of that I really noticed the value of it. Not to mention Adele just won't shut up about it. I’ve met my best friends, my plus-ones, my colleagues and people who have inspired me in the briefest of tics on the clock with this single word. It can simmer and evolve and blossom into the only hello you want to hear everyday from that sweet thing in your life. It can come at just the right time after a hard day from familia or amigos and it will never ever be anything but good. 

So say hello, say it to strangers walking their dog, or cat, or seagull. Say it because life erupts from it and say it genuinely. Hello, hey, hi, sup wit it and suppers mcguppers. Hello again friends, I’ve missed sharing music with you to light up your life, so let’s get into it and see what a simple hello (again) has to offer...

“H3llo (Anevo Remix)” Adele

The song that’s reinvigorated one of the greatest singers of our generation has been reinvigorated again with a ferocious energy that smacks you upside the head and gets you up from hugging your pillow to sing the words loud hugging your friends instead on the dancefloor. This is how you build a production, complementing the chorus beautifully and never taking the attention away from the gorgeous words of Ms. Adele. It is a remix worth your attention in this packed electronic world of remixers trying to ride the coattails of hits.

“Beat The Sunrise feat. Andrew Watt” SNBRN, ULTRA

This is the next generation of sunshine house, original music that evolves into the club atmosphere and resonates that same energy and vibrancy of summer in any situation you put it in. SNBRN has done the best job at mixing the two worlds so far, crushing daytime party sets where I’ve seen while dancing with sweating bottles of beer and now creating an original production worthy of late night 4 hour dance parties that would put a zumba class to shame in terms of calories burned. Andrew Watt of NYC deserves cred for really making this flavor pungent, composing and crooning an anthem that doesn’t limit itself to any season.

“Fireball feat. Broken Back” Synapson, DIEZ MUSIC

You gotta get your hands on Synapson’s new album Convergence. You gotta get your hands on it but respect it like a beautiful babe. Don’t get too gropey. It deserves respect, it deserves to be heard and loved and given your complete attention. If you do this you’ll be saying j’adore and live happily ever after. If you don’t then just step in front of a bus. This compilation of tracks is kinky funkified fun, ranging from experimental disco funk to melodic and chill house touches and always complimented with incredible vocalists including fellow raspy voiced French compadres Broken Back in this track’s case. Also check out “All In You” feat. Anna Kova, their live performance of it really shows how advanced their production and sound is. These guys are no joke so start listening.

“Best Thing feat. Gavrielle” Louis Vivet, Prep School Recordings

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I LOVE LIFE. Sorry, had to yell that. Songs like this just erupt something out of me and I love when someone can evoke that from me without trying hard at all. Like a good set this track makes you wait for some of the harder hitting moments, taking time to warm things up and get your mind and body limber for the pulsing punches it has waiting. Regular LV collaborator Gavrielle has a babe of a voice to match this premium waxed production by some of the most creative producers in the game. Their latest Kavinsky and Weeknd mashup was a highlight of the last couple weeks for me if you haven’t caught it yet.

“Keep Me In Mind (RAMI Remix)” Cape Cub

The LA duderino RAMI gets us floating above the city stress with a bouncing strumming remix of Cape Cub’s melancholy dreamy track “Keep In Mind” that brings to mind a younger Bastille. Love the bassline in this track.

“Where Are U Now (Ghosts Remix)” Ember Island

What the hell happened to my friends and I. We all love the Biebs. He finally did it, and just when we thought he’d end up in a gutter. Every song is a banger AND I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but they all have a very similar trop inspired production sound. This cover and remix of Jack U’s opus is a beaut and worth throwing on your crusing playlist. Its the most well done paradise splashed remix of the song I’ve heard so far. If you guys hear more remixes of his tracks send my way. I’ll play them as I put up my JBiebs poster in my bedroom.

“The Cove” Cut Snake

Oh man this Aussie lad is coming in with some powerful deep house darkness. It’s got a mellowness that only a Brisbane beast could layer it with but it is most certainly a wild animal that will rip your ears off. His “Lifes A Beach” EP (out today 11/6) is more like a night swim in which sharks might be lurking nearby, lush and instrumental but with more shadow than sunshine. I’m absolutely loving the vibe so check out all the tracks he’s released so far.

“Wildflowers” Citrus Clouds, The Dancing Pineapple

This song feels like it’s got lime squeezed over it, and whenever you squeeze lime over something you know it’s gonna be delicious. The ethereal groove of this piece takes chilling to another level, lighting up and lightening up your life with zen inducing features of wood instruments and trickling water among the various percussive elements. Citrus Clouds’ vocalist is never overpowering and I love the high pitched background character that sounds almost like a little kid phantom making himself heard in the background. It gives it a nice spazzy energy every now and then, solid touch.

“Spectrolite” Bayonne, MOM + POP MUSIC

Where am I, who are you Bayonne and why am I floating. This Austin native has created one of the best indie psychedelic rock tracks of the year. This is not electronic music, this is pure cut instrumental beauty with a soft and sharp side. It slices into your psyche but oh so gently. The chilled out downtempo vibe is apparent throughout but Roger Sellers creation is so much more. Check out this new stop-motion music video by Lauren Gregory that compliments it so perfectly.

Full Playlist if you wanna jam all the way through!

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