Media streaming is clearly the way of the future and many leading organizations are looking to find ways to implement it into their business model. WeTransfer, the file sharing service, is one such company that's looking to expand their reach. They will be launching a media player next week that will look to land exclusive content from leading figures in pop culture. To clarify, WeTransfer does not intend to compete with other streaming services like Spotify, Vevo and Soundcloud. With that being said, as reported by Bloomberg, WeTransfer will also not be looking to gain capital from the new venture.

“We’re using music to put us on the map,” WeTransfer marketing executive Maarten Kadiks explained to Bloomberg. “Six years ago we started out in Europe, and that is where we see the biggest amount of users. The U.S. is taking over in terms of growth.”

“We unveiled a demo of the service at SMASHD Labs Demo Day, last Wednesday. It will not be widely available to partners until Q1 of 2016. However, we are already in conversations with previous and potential partners about promoting their content through the service, at that time.”

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For their media player, the goal is to acquire exclusive content from the likes of Justin Bieber, Pharrell and Madona. Disclosure, Big Grams and Prince have already released media using the service. As a file sharing and storage service, WeTransfer is aiming to stand out from the likes of Dropbox with this new streaming platform.

“The service can become one of the most popular, alternative digital distribution channels for music content,” Kadiks believes. “Musicians we’re having conversations with understand the value of connecting with our audience of creative tastemakers.”

It's an interesting move for WeTransfer which was recently valued at $100 million. Look out for the streaming platform to drop next week.

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