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When Yoga and Deep House Collide

The unlikely pairing of Deep House and Yoga is a brilliantly progressive idea that is taking root all over the country

What are two things that you would never imagine working together? If you said dance music and yoga…. You are 100% wrong!

This is the first time, at least in my musical career, I have seen these two paired up. Not your usual combo, but they worked surprisingly well together at Necto Nightclub in Ann Arbor just a few weeks ago.

The name? Deep House Yoga, naturally.

Photo Cred: Bruno Postigo

Photo Cred: Bruno Postigo

The event was started by a few friends who, simply put, were thinking outside the box and looking for a new outlet. The culprits? Anthony Legghio, Carol Ann Manown, Adam Westing and Alissa Jo Seymoure. Anthony (Tony) and Alissa Jo first got together with the idea to create a sense of community, one where music and yoga lovers, alike, could come together for an event. A place where drinking was not deeply integrated into the culture, as one typically finds with most music event.

The yoga, itself, is artfully instructed by Carol Ann. Her approach is refreshing and enlightening—she views this as an opportunity for people to release energy through yoga and expression. She describes it as a “lighter” yoga, one that allows for all types of expression, including dancing.

As for the music, Adam Westing was on the decks. And he was nothing short of excited to truly delve into his Deep House library, but this is a new experience for him as well. Before the event, he stated that he wasn't sure how the crowd of yogis would respond —“people won’t actually be dancing.” And, as a DJ, that is somewhat out of the ordinary. Regardless, he was ready to throw down tracks he's never had the opportunity to play during his other sets. Deep House Yoga calls for a special blend.

Alissa Jo, who will be DJing at the next event on December 3, explained that this is not the “Deep House” that EDM culture uses to describe chilled out house or melodic tech house, but true “deep house” music. Lower beats per minute, soulful melodies, jazz samples and beautiful vocals.”

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“We want the music to compliment and enhance the spiritual practice of yoga, not take away from it. I was recently in a yoga class and the instructor started playing country music, and let me just say that I enjoy all styles of music, but that particular style did not compliment the fluidity of the poses, or the mental state I wanted to be in during my practice. I wanted something to take me deeper. Deep House does that.”

Photo Cred: Bruno Postigo

Photo Cred: Bruno Postigo

Currently, they plan on a monthly event here in Ann Arbor, but they hope to slowly but surely build it to a weekly, if not multiple times a week.

Before their first session, all four of them were unsure how the event would unfold. Would people be interested? Would they be engaged? Would they want to come back?

The answer to all those questions was a resounding yes. The event sold out and all participants were 100% engaged.

Photo Cred: Bruno Postigo

Photo Cred: Bruno Postigo

For a first event, it was more than a success. Tony, Alissa, Carol Ann and Adam’s dreams to grow the event, not only in Ann Arbor but into Detroit and beyond are very tangible.

Their next event will be hosted on December 3rd and I recommend you buy your tickets immediately because this one, too, will sell out! Without giving anything away… There is talk of expanding to some other venues.

So, stay on the lookout for some exciting news coming next week! Find out more about the upcoming session here.

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