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YouTube Wants to Change the Way We Listen to Music

YouTube Music is instantly bringing the largest catalogue of music in the world to your fingertips.

"Usher discovers Bieber. Psy breaks a billion. Macklemore goes from the garage to the Grammys. Pentatonix top the charts." Over the past ten years, Youtube has been a breading ground for greatness. The site has built the careers of countless artists, helping them achieve new heights and reach more fans than ever before. 

Artists can upload a video and almost sporadically reach a billion people around the globe. So far such events have allowed YouTube to pay out over $3 billion to the music industry. YouTube doesn't only serve as a source for discovery, but promotion as well. Just this month, Adele's 'Hello' became the fastest rising video of the year, while simultaneously breaking the record for first week download sales. 350 million views in just over 3 weeks...that sort of exposure is almost unprecedented. 

YouTube has decided to take this one step further with the brand new YouTube Music app now available. With YouTube Music, you'll get a completely new experience that is designed to make discovering music easier than ever. 

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Finally you can pick a song, walk away, and not worry about music ever ending. Every song you play or artist you choose can take you on an endless journey through YouTube's music catalogue. The home tab recommends tracks based off what you liked before and it even creates personalized stations based on your taste. The app also gives you complete access to YouTube's entire catalogue, including remixes, covers, lyric videos and concert footage. 

The next level in the experience is the Youtube Red membership. With Youtube Red, you get to experience all the music without ads, similar to Spotify Premium. You'll also have the ability to listen to music offline and seamlessly switch between video or audio-only. 

YouTube Music is available in the U.S. on the Google Play store or the App Store with access to the Red membership for free for 14 days.

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