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The 15 BEST Drum and Bass Tracks of 2015

Drum and Bass held it's own in 2015 and these are the tracks that defined the year

It's been a big bloody year for the Drum and Bass fam (yes, that's what we all are - live it, love it!) and I need to focus on the top 15 of 2015.... but jingle my bloody bells with a great thumping Thor hammer - CHECK THIS OUT - 

Christmas has come early! Nice Rene LaVice - and word up Mariah Carey -sorry, I'm good now.

Down to the big countdown NO particular order:

'Whip Slap' - Dimension 
[MTA Records]

Thinking it would be foolish not to kick off with the biggest belter of the year...

'Nasty (Spor Remix)' - The Prodigy
[Take Me To The Hospital]

Jon Gooch's Drum and Bass revival brought great things to the table including a killer set at Glasto and this little niblet...

'Higher' - T & Sugah 

Much under rated tune in my eyes - make 2016 the year boys!

'Where My Ladies At' - Rene LaVice
[RAM Records]

Busy, busy year for Mr. LaVice! Tremendous effort - much respect. We premiered 'Untribaled' last month as well.

'The View' - DRS ft. LSB & Tyler Daley

All the feels.

'People On The Ground' - Royalston ft. Hannah Joy
[Med School]

The best new talent to emerge in 2015 - without doubt. Every tune on his LP is unbelievably good. Haunting and technically delicious.

'Saus' - June Miller & Mefjus
[RAM Records]

So yes, I have picked 'Saus' over 'Bad Brains'... but Bad 'Brains' is bloody good too okay. I'm not built out for this decision making jazz in the face of such blazing good tunes.

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'Ghost' - Delta Heavy 
[RAM Records]

That infuriating paper clip from the vid has done nothing to dim my ardour for Delta Heavy's absolute top tune this year. 

'Feel The Fury' - Hamilton
[RAM Records]

Consider it felt sir Hamilton!

'How Could You' - Maduk
[Viper Recordings]

Massive ass year for Maduk who now calls himself one of the Hospital Records bredren. 

'You'll Always Be A Part of Me' - Etherwood
[Med School]

The much anticipated second album Blue Leaves did not dissapoint and I'm crowning this tune the best of a damn good bunch.

'Long Gone' - Calyx & Teebee 
[RAM Records]

Not long gone. Calyx & Teebee people - not going nowhere and very, very much in it to win it.

'Sunday Crunk (Mefjus Remix)' - Ivy Lab 
[Critical Music]

Standout track. Storming year for Mefjus - cannot wait to see what glitter shoots from his producing mittens next year!

'Dead Limit' - Noisia & The Upbeats
[Vision Recordings]

Winner winner, chicken dinner of best tune at the DNBArena Awards this year - for good reason. Booyah! The people have spoken!

'Always' vs. 'I Don't Mind' -
[Shogun Audio]

Equally sexy. I'm having both! It's SpectraSoul's party and I'll cry if I want to. Or something....

Full list for your listening pleasure here:

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