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9 Great Stocking Stuffers For The Holidays From Sneaky Underwear to Great Buds

Need some great gift ideas for the stockings in your life, check our these 5 selections

The Orbit Key (Black / Black Stitch)

Bulky key chains suck. Orbit Key is the answer to your chunky pocket woes with its streamlined approach for keys and key accessories (8 Gig USB + Bottle Opener).  Made from genuine leather and beautifully crafted this is a 

The Spyder PowerShadow iPhone 6 Battery Case & 3x1 Charger

Spyder 3 x 1 Charger

Spyder 3x1

iPhone cases are everywhere, just like bad Electro House music but exceptional iPhone cases that double your battery power, are slim, water resistant and shock proof...? That's rare. The guys and Spyder have developed one of the best battery cases on the market if not the best. The PowerShadow is incredibly slim and will keep your phone alive for almost two days with regular usage. This is the ultimate weapon for DJs who travel non stop and are constantly on their phone. The only bummer is that you need an extender to listen to your headphones as the normal jack won't work with the case on. MSRP $99.00

Another insanely great piece of gear for the frequent traveler is the brand new Spyder 3 x 1 battery/charger. This little gadget acts as a wall charger, cigarette lighter/car charger and standalone external battery. So you pretty much can get a charge anywhere while you are in motion. Pair this up with the phone case and you are bullet proof. 

Sennheiser Ear Buds

Keeping with our theme of sleek mobility here is another great gift for the upwardly mobile music nerd in your life. Sennheiser's new Momentum In-Ear buds sound great, look great and come with all the necessary features like: Inline remote, Mic and hard carrying case. MSRP $99.95

Speakeasy Briefs

speakeasy briefs

3 colorways work for both M/F

Do you like to party? Do you hate expensive drinks or "no liquor" policies? Well party boy, these are for you. A pair of boxer briefs with a secret compartment in the crotch to smuggle your booze (or whatever else fits) around where it's not welcome, aside from high security zones like airports, etc. We gave these a test run and they were fairly comfortable and easy to maneuver in, but they do warm up your booze pretty fast so best to go with a bourbon not vodka.  MSRP $24.00

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Stance Socks 

Socks are big these days, real big. How rad can you get with your socks? Stance has been in the game a minute and have literally dominated the market with their colorful designs and high quality materials. They have even dropped a full Star Wars collection should you want to get colorful and nerdy. There is no better stocking stuffer than another sock, the irony is thick with that one. MSRP $14.00

Grovemade Wallet

Grovemade Minimalist Wallet w/ cards

Grovemade Minimalist Wallet w/ cards

George and his huge stupid wallet.

George and his huge stupid wallet.

Skinny jeans are not made for big wallets, so here is the perfect slim line solution from Portland, OR based Grovemade. Meet the Minimalist Wallet in black leather (also comes in brown), a slim aluminum body wrapped in vegetable tanned leather for a traditional touch. The wallet can accommodate roughly 5 cards and maybe a couple bills to give your back pocket a break. You can easily access your cards/cash by pushing them out through the back hole and simply sliding them out. See video here.  So if you are looking for a unique gift that is beautifully made in the USA, look no further. Check their site for a variety of other hand crafted products as well. Because nobody likes a Costanza Wallet!

MSRP. $99.00

SPGBK Wood Watches 

SPGBK Wood Watches 

Spring Break Watches

If it's a cool and unique time piece you are looking for, well check out Spring Break Watches or SPGBK. This dope little company makes watches made from wood, yeah... wood. They are super light and come in many different models, some with leather straps like the Crown and All Star models others that are all wood. MSRP $70

Arnette Sunglasses 

Arnette is a legendary brand in the action sports world getting their start in the early 90s with iconic models like the Catfish. The brand is still going strong and offers a contemporary twist on its action sports roots with models like the Moniker and the Supplier. These shades work on the beach, on the street and in the snow with versatile styling and features like Polarized lenses. Fashion x Action = Arnette. MSRP $79.95 

So that's a wrap. Hopefully these handpicked selections will find their way into somebody's stocking somewhere, maybe even your own you selfish elf you. Happy Holidays and good luck at the mall.

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