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In Conversation with Ardalan & Sacha Robotti

We chat with Ardalan and Sacha Robotti ahead of their NYE gig in San Diego for FNGRS CRSSD x Dirtybird
Ardalan x Sacha Robotti

Ardalan x Sacha Robotti

Ahead of their NYE gig, Ardalan and Sacha Robotti got together to talk about their careers in music. Both have been making strides to become a force within the dance community and 2016 is shaping up to be a step in the right direction. They're planning to tour together at the beginning of the year and both have stated it's their goal to share more music. We asked the two artists what their new years resolutions are, what they aim to convey during a DJ set and what we can expect from them in the future. Here's what they had to say...

Ardalan and Sacha Robotti will be in San Diego this New Years Eve for their FNGS CRSSD and Dirtybird Records showcase. Purchase Tickets Here

What kind of energy do you try to bring during your DJ sets? What is your goal when you stand up behind the decks?

Sacha: Many people work or study during the week, some of them are stressed by their jobs or fight battles we don't know anything about. On weekends or holidays, these people like to escape; some of them spend time entertaining with movies or sports, others attend shows with loud music. These people want to have a good time, shake their booty, get down, drink and get high, scream, jump around, laugh and talk, dress up, close their eyes and travel to la la land, meet girls and boys, and so on. I try to provide the soundtrack to that! Positive energy, good vibes, weird and sexy songs you hopefully haven't heard before.

Ardalan: I must say, what Sacha said was quite an emotional answer. I can’t agree with him more. I’d like to add that not only do we want to provide such experiences for the people on the dancefloor, But everytime we play, We actually learn something new from that energy. I feel that my goal is to visualize that energy between me and the crowd and make my decision right in that moment. Thus, I can’t ever pre-plan a set. I like to see this experience through an imaginary car that’s jorneying inside of a cosmic blizzard. I like to see what is in front of me, rather than what lies in the end of the journey. .

How did you two first meet?

Sacha: I'm not entirely sure actually – either in Berlin? Or Miami? Or was it the Dirtybird party @ BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen a couple of years ago? I think it was. I turned up super early to this BPM party I was supposed to open, but noone was there yet not even the promoters! Ardalan was due to play after me, so it was just him and me in an empty daytime venue. I was stoked to meet him finally! I had known his music for a while but never met in person. So we just chilled, and when the party opened, we went back 2 back. Justin Jay joined in as well. It was a fun musical "threesome"!

Ardalan: Before that, I feel like I knew Sacha through his music and social media. I had been a huge fan of his music with Robosonic and ofcourse is solo project as well. But I do believe it was BPM where we met the first time in person. We were the first people to DJ and there was like no one there. We decided to go back to back until Justin Jay joined us later for more shananigans. In the end, all of us had a lot of fun!

When did you first step inside a club? What was the experience like?

Sacha: That must have been around 1995 in Brussels, Belgium @ Fuse Club. It's still one of my favourite clubs and I've been wanting to play there ever since. Who knows, one day. I loved it so much that I made a career out of it!

Ardalan: I think the first time I went to a club was when I was 18. It was a DIRTYBIRD party at the starlight room, in San Francisco. This is when Claude Vonstroke, Justin Martin, & Catz n Dogz were playing and I just happened to use my older friends ID. I was so scared of not getting though but I ended up being successful. I think it was a really dope night. Maybe thats because I dont remember much from that night.



What’s your favorite part of working with DIRTYBIRD?

Sacha: Dirtybird fans are really passionate and dedicated, and all the DJs and crew involved with the label are genuine people who make and stand for the kind of dance music that I've liked and played out for the last 10 years. The label stays true to its musical policy, no matter what haters may say. There's a lot of love in all things Dirtybird – you can hear it in the music and feel it at the parties. Many smiles. I feel like I met many of my friends through the label.

Ardalan: My favorite part of working with DIRTYBIRD is when we are all partying together with our fans. Whether were playing a surprise DIRTYBIRD pop up or a campout, we always have a blast doing what we love and hanging out with everyone. As Sacha mentioned first, our fans are really awesome and dedicated to the label. It feels special to get so much positivity from the DIRTYBIRD community. It really motivates me to work harder everyday.

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What are some of the best all time booty house lyrics?

Sacha: “I gotta find my dooky booty, she got a big ol dooky booty.“

Ardalan: “At the function I shake my ass, At the cluuuub, I shake my ass.”

What are some fresh and current tracks that are on your radar?

Sacha: Last night Claude Vonstroke played some of the new "Get Real“ tracks for me in his studio in Venice. I was super excited, as I love both Green Velvet and CVS – the tracks are great fun and nicely weird. Watch out for those!

Ardalan: I have been loving this Tiger Stripes remix of PAWNA’s 'Event Horizon'... Also some really tight tunes I have been hearing from my homies Sepehr and Michael Claus in the past month. I am also excited with all the new material I have recently made as well.

Sacha Robotti

Sacha Robotti

What was your new years resolution last year? Did you keep it? What is your new years resolution this year?

Sacha: Last year: exercise more and eat less junk food. Didn't keep it.
This year: the same as last year actually. Plus make enough money to build a home.

Ardalan: Definitely a little of what Sacha said. I also wanted to work harder finishing more music: I think I kept it. This year, I’m hoping to exercise more. I definitely want to make more money to buy a vinyl pressing plant.

What does the future hold for you?

Sacha: These are exciting times for me! I just moved from Berlin to Los Angeles in December, will stay here at least 6 months as I'm on a 3 year Visa. The goal is to work and produce awesome music and tour the USA. I'll probably be supporting Ardalan on his Dirtybird tour at the beginning of next year! 

I love being in California and I love how optimistic people here are: it makes me more positive and relaxed too – so, I have faith that the future will be bright for me.

Ardalan: The future will be very good. I want to make more music and I am beyond excited to do my very first tour with the coolest dude, Sacha Robotti. I am very happy for his move to California. I think he will make the dancefloor go loco!

Ardalan and Sacha Robotti will be in San Diego this New Years Eve for their FNGS CRSSD and Dirtybird Records showcase. Purchase Tickets Here


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