In September, Benga revealed the reasons for why he left the music industry back in 2014. He stated that due to his clubbing lifestyle he had developed mental health issues such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and was even sectioned. Now he feels as though he's ready to make a comeback in 2016 and his return to DJing will come at the most appropriate time.

Benga's first DJ gig in 2 years will take place at the iconic London club fabric for a special Tectonic showcase that also features Pinch, Mumdance, Acre and Ipman. You can purchase tickets here.

“Part of me opening up and talking with people about mental health is a way of moving forward,” Benga voiced to the Guardian. “This industry is all about perception: a lot of people wouldn’t want anybody to think they’re weak, or that they can’t do what they do, or that they’re not cool,” said Benga. “Nobody wants to come clean, let alone an artist.”

Benga took a huge step forward when he openly discussed his mental health issues. The producer that helped pioneer an entire genre in the mid 2000s has been missed from the scene and his return will be a celebration of all heads in the industry. Hopefully this means more releases as well. We will just have to wait and see.

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