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Björk Releases 'Stonemilker' 360° Virtual Reality App

The app allows users to get inside the Icelandic landscape that is seen in Björk's music video
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Earlier this year Björk shared the video for her track 'Stonemilker' that featured the artist being filmed by a 360° camera. When watching the video, viewers can interact with what they are seeing by panning 360° around the landscape. It's opened up the discussion on how this new technology will revolutionize how we watch videos.


Björk has now launched a 360° Virtual Reality app that allows users to get inside the landscape that is seen in the video. Shot on location in Iceland by award-winning director Andrew Thomas Huang with his VR production company, “Stonemilker” is now available as a 360° Virtual Reality app on the iTunes store. 

When speaking about the film, Björk says, “this came about as a spontaneous fruit of mine and Andrew Huang's collaboration. We found ourselves in Iceland one day with nothing to do and a 360 camera lying about. We discussed its potential for intimacy and Andrew then suggested we take it to the beach where the song was written. It immediately rang true for me as that location has a beautiful 360 panoramic view which matches the cyclical fugue like movement in the song. If the song has a shape it is sort of like a circle that just goes on forever.” 

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Director Andrew Thomas Huang expressed his thoughts on the film by stating: “We captured "Stonemilker" in November on the westernmost tip of Reykjavik, an island called Grótta on the Seltjarnarnes peninsula, which is the very site by the lighthouse where she wrote the song and recorded much of Vulnicura. After arriving in Iceland with a variety of camera gear and open minds, and after my in-depth conversations with Bjork at her home about the circular nature of the song, we spontaneously decided to shoot a performance of "Stonemilker" on the beach where it was written, using the 360 camera with the intent of capturing an intimate performance for virtual reality in the round. 

"Because of the all-seeing nature of this camera, my whole crew and I ducked behind boulders, leaving Bjork alone with the camera, not knowing what we would be ultimately capturing. All I remember is staring at the pearlescent purple seashells beneath my feet throughout the takes listening to her strings reverberating against the wet tidepool rocks, popping my head up occasionally to steal glances of Bjork in her duet with the camera.”

You can find the Stonemilker 360° Virtual Reality app here. Watch the video below to see the landscape that is featured in the new app.

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