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Boris: "You’ve got to keep it fresh and keep people always interested, otherwise you’ll lose."

Boris makes his debut at Marquee NYC this Friday

Those who frequent clubs like Output, Space and Pacha in NYC, are more than familiar with the work of Boris of Transmit Recordings. The Russian-born and Brooklyn-raised DJ has been working the circuit for almost two decades and his popularity doesn't stop in NYC. He has played at some of the biggest clubs all over the globe which has made him a leading tastemaker in the scene.

With his first ever appearance at Marquee NYC this Friday and next Saturday, launching his Transmission series at Club Space in Miami, Magnetic took the chance to catch up with Boris to discuss his vision for the new venture.

Over the past few years, you’ve become a resident at Pacha, Space and Output in New York, why is it special for you to be playing at Marquee for the first time on Friday?

It’s special because it’s a different room than what I’m used to. The other clubs I would say are more music-driven, DJ-driven. Not that Marquee isn’t, it’s just more of a mixture of everything. You have music people mixed with random’s, tourists, people get tables - just people who basically are not always there for the DJ and it’s me going into a different realm, into more of a diverse crowd than what I’m used to. You’ll have different people at Marquee than you would have at an Output party or a Pacha party and that's what Marquee is. We’re reaching to a more diverse audience there, as far as someone, you know who just goes there for a table, as opposed to just the DJ. 

Do you truly desire to seek this new audience, do you think they’ll be as reciprocative as people in the scene?

Absolutely, you have people who are going out to dance. Basically, a lot of them are going for the DJ. Marquee is also a DJ-driven night on a Friday, but there’s also table-oriented people who want to hear good music. Yeah, we’re going to get the fans who usually come for our parties, and we’re going to get other people who will hopefully get into the music that I’m providing. I’ll probably adapt more towards playing there as I would towards playing somewhere like Space or Output. 

I know you’re originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, but you moved to the States at a very young age. Do you still maintain any connection to you're hometown?

Quite honestly, no I have not been back to Russia. And the last time I was there I was in Moscow. That’s where I played and I’m thinking it was close to 12, 13 years ago. So I’m not really attuned to what's going on there, have really no bearing towards what I do.

What are some influences that you've carried in your music over the years? You mentioned in the past that doing work with Madonna or Depeche Mode would be interesting. Are you still aiming to take that on?

No that’s what I came up with as I was growing. I used to do a lot of those remixes, more for the commercial acts. My heart was always into underground music, house remixes. The first time I attended a club was when I was 15 years old, which was 1988 in New York. I remember walking into the Tunnel and hearing the music. Basically falling in love with the underground of House as opposed to anything else. When I was doing those remixes, at the time that’s what was going on - a lot of vocal stuff. The House music back then was more vocal oriented - as opposed to now where it’s just beats more or less. So that was the progressive state of me growing as a producer and what-not. And eventually becoming who I am today.

You’re working on presenting a new concept, Transmissions at Club Space in Miami next Saturday. Why now?

It’s always good to evolve, different parties, different brands. Whether it’s Believe, or Get Wet, Transmissions is based off the radio show where we have a weekly guest and that’s how it’s going to be presented across all our events from here on in. New concept, new brand, always good to get people interested in new stuff. And Transmissions is going to do that. It’s going to be basically a bunch of different DJ’s playing alongside me. Each one has been a past guest on the radio show or have done stuff for the label, Transit Recordings, and going off of that basically. 

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Where did the desire come from to extend the name of your radio show?

I feel like it was another concept because in this business with so much going on, so many DJ’s, you’ve got to keep it fresh and keep people always interested, otherwise you’ll lose the audience. You’ve always got to keep it fresh. 

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What other plans do you have for Transmissions events in the future? 

Taking it on the road, doing events all over the States, Europe. Wherever we can bring the event we’re going to do it. We'll be at Miami Music Conference along with our Transit showcases which basically showcase guys from the label, so it’s kind of a hand-in-hand thing. 

Are you going to plan on recording every show and release it on the radio?

Yes that's the plan. We’ll start in Club Space Miami next week, record the night, or a few hours of it, and put it up on the show. 

That sounds interesting. Any other plans for you aside from Transmissions events?

Of course we have the Get Wet pool parties, which is our other brand, and basically they are events that we do with a pool or water-oriented venue. Of course with the Transmit showcases that entails multiple DJ’s on the bill. And then Transmissions, which will be one guest along with myself. 

Is there anything else you’d like us to know in terms of what you’re doing?

Be on the lookout for our Tranmsit showcase for BPM. Our New Year’s Day event at Stage 48 which is always the huge thing we do. We never do New Year’s Eve, we always do New Year’s Day. That party is called Day 1. BPM of course the Tranmsit showcase, the Get Wet party in Miami Music Conference. Another Tranmsit showcase and we’re getting ready to set up Transmissions in Miami next week and of course Marquee this Friday. 

Be sure to look out for Boris's label showcase at BPM. Transmit showcase for Jan 9th, at La Santanera, Playa del Carmen.


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