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Chillout Legend Phil Mison (Cantoma) Guest Podcast And Interview

We catch up with the legendary Chillout DJ/Producer Phil Mison

Legendary Chillout DJ/Producer Phil Mison drops a perfectly chilled guest mix for Magnetic just in time for the holidays. So grab some mulled wine, hot cider or egg nog and find the nearest roaring fire to snuggle up with because things are about to get cozy. 

Check out the interview below.

Phil Mison Image

Phil Mison aka Cantoma

Catching Up With Phil Mison 

1. As with any rerelease, it makes fans wonder what’s next or is this the end of the road? Do you have any new projects in the works as Cantoma or have you retired the moniker? 

I've completed a new album, which will be out next spring, plus a 12" with a remix by New York legend Justin Strauss. It was great to get the first Cantoma album re-issued on vinyl too. I've also recorded an album, under the name Ambala, for Music For Dreams that will be out next year. It's a bit more uptempo in places than Cantoma; it's been road tested on a few dance floors and getting a good reaction.

2. Who are some of the contemporary chillout/leftfield/downtempo artists that are exciting you these days?

Pretty much everything on the Aficionado label I rate, every release is a winner. My favourite was "Half Silk - Delicious Crime," made by Ryan from Horsebeach, which are a great band too. Music For Dreams has been releasing fantastic music - Ruf Dugs album, Visti and Meyland, Daholt and Langkilde. The Bambi Davidson album on Claremont 56 I liked too.

3. Are you currently holding any DJ residencies? If so where?

I’m just guesting at various places right now. I had a summer residency at an outdoor venue in the London the last couple of years which was great. We had guests like Moonboots, Nancy Noise, Ray Mang, Pete Herbert, Paul Mudd, Jamie Tiller from Music From Memory, Faze Action and Leo Mas, the original DJ alongside Alfredo at Amnesia in Ibiza from 85-90. That was a really special night.

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4. What are your thoughts on the current state of the music business? 

Well obviously things have changed with the digital revolution, but if you believe in what you're doing and release what you consider is great music, then good things can still happen I think. A lot more people seem to be running their own labels, so they have more control, financially and creatively over their own music. It's tough out there, but I'm still optimistic!

5. If you were to recommend five essential downtempo albums to a new electronic music fan, what would be on the list?

1. Larry Heard - Sceneries Not Songs

2. Music For Dreams Volume One- Compiled by Kenneth Bager

3. Art Wilson - Overworld

4. William Orbit- Strange Cargo Volume One

5. Virgo - Virgo 

6. When was the last time you DJ’d in the states and where was it?

I played last summer on the rooftop of the Standard in New York, then at a Sunday Balearic party at sunset beach on Shelter Island. I hope to do the same next year, and also to make it out again to California. 

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