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Family Guy Makes Fun of Daft Punk and the GRAMMYs in New Episode

A clever joke from Family Guy, we would expect nothing less.
daft punk family guy

With the 2016 GRAMMY nominations being announced yesterday, this new skit on Family Guy comes at the perfect time.

This isn't the first time a TV show has poked fun at dance music. You might remember Andy Samberg's skit on Saturday Night Live called "When Will The Bass Drop?" that was worthy of a chuckle. Now Family Guy has taken a jab at Daft Punk that's also good for a laugh.

In the skit, Daft Punk bring out an old keyboard and press the demo button. What happens next, you'll have to watch for yourself. It's a lighthearted joke that anyone who doesn't take themselves too seriously will think is clever. I wonder how Daft Punk would react. Watch the video below and see for yourself.

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