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Deadmau5 Explains His Recent Feud with Skrillex, Calls Justin Bieber a "Little Bitch"

"Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites didn't do well enough for you, financially?"

Recently, Skrillex and Deadmau5 have not been shy with telling people how they truly feel about each other. It began in August when Skrillex called Deadmau5 an "asshole" in an interview and then in November they went back and forth on Twitter. In order to sum up the entire feud, Deadmau5 took to his live stream and discussed why he's not a fan of anything Skrillex has done in the past year.

"It's not that I hate Skrillex and I hate the shit he does..."

Deadmau5 begins to elaborate on the recent collaborations Skrillex has done with Justin Bieber saying "he's a fucking little hippie," because he likes to work with other artists in the music industry. It's not that Deadmau5 hates the music he produces, it's that Skrillex somewhat pollutes the dance music scene when he brings in people like Justin Bieber on a track. He further explains that when producers do things like this, it's bad for their image. "They enable themselves, and they put themselves in these positions to be a part of bullshit."

Deadmau5 further explains: "I can accept that [Bieber's] album is probably good, I have no qualms with that. I know decent production when I hear it. What I'm mad about is that none of it is this little fucking dickhead's.

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"It's not your fucking album, it's fucking Skrillex's album, it's fucking god-knows-who's album. It's not that I hate Skrillex and I hate the shit he does, I hate that he allowed himself to be a god damn tool for someone else."

"Now, for some little bitch to fucking come out and just... 'baby baby baby' 'where are you know' and then fucking have that whole product basically given to him... and say, 'this is mine, this is my art, im an artist...' I'm not cool with that dude, I'm not cool with any of that."

Deadmau5 certainly makes many valid points and a lot of dance music fans might be on his side. He's expressed that he doesn't like bringing pop acts into the dance music realm and it's hard not to agree with him. He's a true producer who controls everything that goes into making his music and is respected for his art. Is Skrillex compromising the unity of the dance music culture by working with Justin Bieber? Or is it just a smart move that launched his career into superstardom? Maybe both are true.

To hear the entire Deadmau5 rant in full, watch the video below.

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