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Dillon Francis Shares an Outrageous Video For His Collaboration with Martin Garrix

Be sure to visit the actual website to get the full experience

Dillon Francis is known for his hilarious antics that fuel his playful personality. Recently he was seen in the movie Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocolypse where he got his head blown off. He's truly a one of a kind human and he's amassed a following of fans who are never surprised by anything he does.

Dillon Francis collaborated with Martin Garrix on the track 'Set Me Free' which was released on Dillon's debut album, Money Sucks, Friends Rule. The video for the collab follows suite with everything Dillon does in that it's completely outrageous. We can't really even describe what happens in the video other than that there's a website that will keep you completely entertained. 

The actual website seen in the video is actually live and you can visit it here - - Watch the video below.

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