New Years Eve is right around the corner and we're tapping dance music's leading tastemakers to curate their favorite tracks for a proper celebration. LA based Culprit label bosses Droog have compiled a collection of their top tracks, some of which have been played in their DJ sets regularly. These guys know good music and their NYE playlist consists of nothing but quality.

If you're in Los Angeles and you want to get caught up in the dance, there's no better place to welcome in 2016 than at Minimal Effort NYE. Last week we shared Marques Wyatt's playlist, who will also be at Minimal Effort along with Droog, J. Phlip, Jimmy Edgar, Fur Coat, H.O.S.H. and much more.

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Audiojack - 'Nefelibata'

We kick off this list with a jam on our Culprit label. It's a feel-good track that's not failed us since the Audiojack fellas sent it back in June. It's been 6 months of playing it in almost every set, always getting a proper reaction. This one always gets the crowd on our side.

DJ T - 'Euphoria'

Uplifting but cheese-free dance music is the order of the day on New Year's Eve. This one is as advertised - euphoric but in a subtle way. Once the simple but memorable melody and the ol' school vocal bit come in, it's all smiles."

Edu Imbernon & Droog - 'Spectral'

The melody in the break is probably the most obvious hands-in-the-air moment in any of the songs we've made and it came out this past year, so, of course, we'd have to play it on NYE.

Beanfield - 'Tides feat. Bajka (Ripperton remix)'

A smattering of familiar feel-good jams is key on a night like New Year's. This one will get the whoops of recognition without being all-too-obvious. It's one of the most beloved vocals in our genre, any opportunity to play it is to be cherished.

Agoria - 'Les Violons Ivres' 

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A gorgeously uplifting piece of production from the master. The gentle arpeggios and the swelling strings are the kind of touches that separate amazing artists like Agoria from the mundane and run-of-the-mill.

Deep Dish feat. Everything But The Girl - 'Future of the Future'

A stone-cold classic is what this is. The inimitable Tracey Thorn vocal made this a crossover hit back in the late 90s, but the old school Deep Dish production is flawless too. Just the kind of a song you'd want to hear on a special occasion

Baker's Dozen - 'Piano Lessons'

Simon Baker's update of the amazing Westbam classic, it's another song meant for a celebratory night. A bit of proper piano house goes a long way!

Soundstream - 'Good Soul'

Soundstream is one-of-a-kind artist and this, we think, is the pearl of his body of work. Guaranteed to get the discerning part of your crowd losing it on the dance floor. An eternal classic.

Bryan Ferry - 'Don't Stop The Dance (Todd Terje remix)'

One of the ultimate songs for when the lights go up in the club and you want to send them off with a big grin on their faces. Plus it's Todd Terje remixing Bryan Ferry - a guaranteed winner.

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