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Jeff Mills and Anthony Srock Will Reissue Final Cut's Deep Into The Cut LP via We Can Elude Control

The collection of iconic Techno tracks will be available on vinyl in it's entirety
final cut deep into the cut

First released back in 1989 by Full Effect Records, Final Cut's Deep Into The Cut LP represents a time when Techno was really being pushed forward. Jeff Mills and Anthony Srock brought forth subtle elements of House into the mix which seemed to allow their sound reach a broad audience, even with it's acid stabs and industrial motifs. Now the iconic collection of tracks will see a reissue by UK based label We Can Elude Control that is sure to get the new generation of Techno heads and vinyl enthusiasts excited.

Deep Into The Cut by Final Cut will be released February 16th, 2016 via We Can Elude Control.

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Deep Into The Cut Tracklist:
01. She Destroys
02. Rotation
03. Temptation
04. I Told You Not to Stop
05. Burn Baby Burn
06. Now That’s Funky
07. Harmony
08. Celestial V.S.U
09. Open Your Eyes
10. The Prosecuted
11. The Escape 

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