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Hector Explains His No Rules, No BS Philosophy When It Comes To Vatos Locos

Hector talks about his brand new label and showcase ahead of The BPM Festival

Next month will be one year since Hector first launched his Vatos Locos showcase at The BPM Festival. Since that momentous occasion, Hector has been extremely busy planning a re-launch and expansion of the brand. It will all go down once again at BPM next month at Canibal Royal and will feature his closest compadres with whom he's signed to his newly formed record label of the same name, Vatos Locos.

The record label will see it's first release later next month following the BPM showcase which is sure to be a highlight of the festival as I witnessed a first hand account of how good the party turned out to be last year. 

If you're heading down to The BPM Festival next month, be sure to catch Hector's highly anticipated showcase, but in the meantime, check out our ten question Q&A with the label boss himself.

Hector, first off thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. I really enjoyed your set at BPM last year and I'm happy to hear that you'll be back again with another edition of Vatos Locos. Tell me more about what Vatos Locos is and what it means to you.

It is an event concept I developed to get away from the battle of ego’s in DJing and to take it back to the basics of having a good time with your friends, just playing quality records. The brand means a lot to me and everyone involved as I don’t want this to be solely about ‘Hector’, but more about all the other artists involved. This is a crew, and it’s all about everybody working together to create great music, and a great party.

I understand that you're getting set to launch Vatos Locos as a  record label as well. Is there a specific sound that we can expect to hear on a Vatos Locos release?

Not really, and that’s kind of the whole point. I want there to be diversity within the label and I want to have an outlet that isn’t pigeon holed to any specific genre or style. I really just want the label to have good quality music that appeals to myself and the music heads out there.

I know that in addition to digital releases, you will be pressing the material on vinyl as well. Why do you think it's important to keep pushing vinyl?

Well, my whole background and history in music all comes from vinyl. Like I mentioned before, I worked for many years in a record shop selling, learning and listening and collecting vinyl. I know all of my crew have the same passion in common when it comes to vinyl culture, so obviously we feel it’s important to keep this alive within the industry. This is also an opportunity for us to have solid proof of all the hard work we are putting in together.

Tell me about the roster of artists you've put together for Vatos  Locos. How did you go about selecting the group of guys that will be joining you both at the BPM party and on the label as well?

There was no real official selection process as Vatos Locos is just made up of my  friends and artists that I really respect. I had my years trying to make it as a DJ and get my music out there and now I’m lucky enough to be in a position to help other artists who are in the same position I once was. That’s really what it’s all about for me is giving everyone an opportunity to showcase themselves, and their skills. Each artist has something totally different to offer.

For those that don't know, Vatos Locos means crazy guys in Spanish. Who's the craziest guy in your crew and why?

Everyone in the crew definitely has their own unique craziness! When we are all together it's always a great mixture of madness and raw talent. I put this crew together not only because of their talent, but I feel together we can make something really special and unique that also allows us to progress as a crew, as well as solo artists.

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Let's go back to your roots. How did you first get involved with dance  music?

I became interested because some English people were studying Spanish in my school in Guadalajara, they introduced me to some of the music they were listening to at the time which was dance music. From there, I started listening more and more and they eventually convinced me to move to London which is where my love of music and the industry soon developed. I eventually found a job in one of London’s most recognised record stores, Phonica, which is where I gained most of my experience and musical knowledge.

Is there someone that you feel was the most influential in your musical upbringing?

I have a lot of admiration for a lot of different artists which I always have drawn  inspiration from over the years, but I could never really pinpoint one specific artist.

Is there anyone that inspires you now?

I would have to say, Carl Cox as everyone knows he’s the king and a true humble gent. I am not only inspired by his music, but his natural ability to move along with the industry as it changes and develops, and to still be current and innovative after his many years in the industry is very inspirational to me.


BPM seems to be somewhat of a homecoming for you. Before last year, had you ever thrown your own party in Mexico before?

No, that was my first!

Lastly, do you have any tips for anyone that's never been to BPM before?

I would say to plan your time wisely as you shouldn't forget it’s 10 days and 10 nights. Plan which parties you really want to go to and try to see all the different types of venues the festival has, like the jungle venues, beach venues and clubs. Don’t forget your disco naps, and try to set aside time to explore the Riviera Maya, and see the ruins and the cenotes, all the beautiful things that are around as well as the festival.

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Check the following info below for Hector's upcoming tour dates:

12/24/2015 - Bipolar House - Timosoara, Romania
1/2/2016 - Storyland - Cartagena, Colombia
1/6/2016 - Clinic - Los Angeles, CA
1/17/2016 - The BPM Festival at Canibal Royal - Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
1/17/2016 - The BPM Festival at Blue Parrot - Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
2/6/2016 - Egg London - London, UK

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