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How To Buy A Dope Vintage Stereo For Your House?

Looking for some nice analog gear to play those vinyl records and cassettes on? Start here
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You probably have noticed that vinyl and cassettes are back in a big way. Some may say it's a fad but once you let your ears bathe in the warm analog sounds of some Massive Attack or Minimal Techno you will get why people are going nuts for Vintage or even new home stereo systems. The guys at posted a really helpful starters guide on how to shop for your own system, covering amps, turntables, receivers, cartridges and all sorts of other gear you might need. 

So if you are looking to dip your ears into the wonderful world of vintage analog stereo systems this is a great start. We've also listed some of our favorite picks below to stoke the fires a bit.

In many ways, the digitization of music has changed the listening experience for the better: you can take a road trip’s worth of music with you in your pocket, buy songs on the fly and instantly access virtually every song ever published. But it also has isolated us. Listening to music has gone from a communal experience to a personal one, as many people’s default listening experience is through a chintzy pair of earbuds.

The truth is that music was meant to be shared. And with just a little bit effort — and for less money than you might think — you can build a home audio system, featuring a turntable, and share that listening experience with your friends. And neighbors.

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But where to start? Here’s a look at the considerations and the range of options available to music fans who want to create a home audio system and start listening to vinyl.

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This one is what you might call a panty dropper... it's a little on the expensive side but we wanted to start off with something inspiring. 

Did you even know a turntable could look like this? This Rega model is beautiful and attainable if you have a decent job. We will be back next week with a more regular selection of available gear, until then happy hunting.

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