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Industry Interview With ANTS Founder & Creative Director of Ushuaia Ibiza, Yann Pissenem

The creative director of Ushuaia in Ibiza chats with us about his flagship party brand, ANTS!

There have been some big changes on the island of Ibiza within the past couple of years, but one thing has stayed the same. The weekly party brand, ANTS at Ushuaia on Saturdays has consistently been one of the most popular events on the island week in and week out. Not only has it been popular in size, but it has also remained a favorite for many, including the island's residents as well. We talked with ANTS' founder and creative director, Yann Pissenem to find out how exactly the party has stayed so popular and relevant on the ever changing white isle of Ibiza. 

Your party brand ANTS just wrapped its 3rd season on the magical island of Ibiza and you had over 12,000 people attend the closing party alone. How does it feel to reach this pinnacle?  

Honestly, it's such a great achievement for us and we are so proud of what we’ve achieved in 3 years! ANTS is the only underground residency at Ushuaia and the numbers speak for themselves, so I think it's a great testament to the island that the crowds (and the DJs!) keep on coming.   

Judging by the success of your third season, will you be returning to Ushuaia for a fourth season next year?  

Absolutely, we have lots of plans up our sleeve ;)   

Would you ever consider changing locations to a different venue? 

Not at the moment no, Ushuaia is our home and I feel it's what makes ANTS so special.


Can you possibly foresee ANTS ever branching out to a different country/city besides Ibiza?   

We’ve already taken the brand globally and had ANTS takeovers at Creamfields UK and ADE this summer, and we recently debuted in Argentina. In April, we’re going to take over Snowbombing festival which will be a fun experience as it will be the first time ANTS has experienced snow! We’re also soon to visit Miami so the colony is definitely spreading globally…just watch this space.   

Ushuaia is an extremely large venue that generally caters to the more commercial side of electronic music. Considering the fact that your DJ roster is on the underground side, how has your party brand managed to bring such a large amount of people week in and week out every year?  

I think what makes ANTS so special is its message, it's about family and bringing people together, so we also try to make it a laid-back environment with lots of fun elements. We have lots of dancers and performers and, being a day party, I think it's very accessible - and we’ve had a great mixture of names from DJ Sneak to Fur Coat, so there’s something for everyone.   

There was quite a bit of controversy this past season regarding the other daytime parties in PDB being shut down on a regular basis and/or cancelled. What are your thoughts on why this started happening this year and do you think that ANTS could get caught in the crossfire next year?

No, I don’t think we'll have any issues because Ushuaia is fully licensed. The cancellations affected many of the places with no licenses and were a result of the recent change of government in Ibiza.   

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Let's talk about ANTS' beginnings. How did the idea for an ants themed party come about?  

We wanted to give something back to the Ibiza workers on the island, a place they could come to for free with their workers band and let off steam. So ANTS became recognised as the official party for the workers and we are the colony!

We've heard that ANTS is about to go on the road. Where will ANTS be partying until next Summer?   

Yes, the colony is spreading worldwide and our next stops will be Miami, BPM and Snowbombing. We have some potential places about to confirm for 2016 too...   

Andrea Oliva seems to have been designated as the brand ambassador. How was he chosen for this role?  

We actually have a collection of brand ambassadors among our ANTS residents, but Andrea is certainly a rising star - he has a great talent and makes amazing music. As you may know, he also belongs to our management agency so we have great faith in him and it's been great to watch him grow over the years.  

For someone who has never been to an ANTS party, explain in one sentence why one should experience ANTS.  

Because music is the ANTSer!   


January 8th: ANTS - BPM


February 27th: ANTS - LONDON

April 5th: ANTS - AUSTRIA

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