Kicks N Licks, the production duo consisting of Andy Joplin and Jerrod Jordan, are stirring up the music industry with their futuristic take on Bass music. Although they've been recognized as having a harder sound, in recent years they've refined their technique and are producing dance music with a more delicate approach. That's not to say they've lost their energy, the drive is still there, it's more of a testament to the duo evolving as artists and musicians. They've tightened up the loose ends and are delivering unique and forward thinking dance music.

With their Young Mind EP on Mitis's new label, Born Records, Kicks N Licks continue their exploration of modern rhythms. 'Mind' is a clear example of this with an intricate arrangement of percussion and plenty of glitchy tones together with Lauren Hunter's seductive vocals. The track possesses a lullaby type quality that seems to lift you off into a dream world. 

Listen to the exclusive premiere below and be sure to grab the Young Mind EP via Born Records.

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