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Throughout his entire career Kyle Hall has steadily provided us with quality releases displaying his sophisticated take on dance music. The Detroit native is getting set to release his second album this month and it's shaping up to be a culmination of the distinct rhythms that he's become known for.

Coming in late December, From Joy will feature 8 tracks and be released as a triple vinyl set. Each track compliments the next, with a theme of being in the present state of mind. As described via the Wild Oats website, the title for the release suggests a profound idea.

"The title is derived from the idea of finding a way to live life in a state of presence; detaching oneself from the mental, self imposed narratives echoed by society's traditions and judgements. We as people tend to be at our most honest and present in our childhood, so in some ways From Joy serves as a mechanism and reminder to return to one's youthful energetic state."

From Joy by Kyle Hall will be released in late December via Wild Oats. Listen to the preview here.

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From Joy Tracklisting:

A1. Damn! Im Feeln Real Close
A2. Inverse Algebraic
B1. Dervenen
C1. Able To
C2. Wake Up and Dip
D1. Strut Garden
E1. Mysterious Lake
F1. Feel Us More

[via Juno Plus]

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