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Larry Heard Makes His Return as Mr. Fingers With Forthcoming EP

To help get you in the right mindset we've compiled out favorite Mr Fingers tracks

It's been over a decade since we were graced with some new original Mr. Fingers material from Larry Heard, so it's big news that he's got something cooking up for a new release.

The iconic producer hasn't been completely quiet over the years. The Chicago-bred artist recently released a remix of 'Distant Story' by Matt Tolfrey for the 10 Years Of Leftroom compilation, but original Mr Fingers material hasn't surfaced since 2005. With that being said it's indeed exciting news that we'll be graced with a new EP in 2016 titled Mr Fingers 2016. Stream the collection of tracks via Clone and check out some of our favorite Mr. Fingers releases below.

Mr Fingers 2016 Tracklist:
01. Outer Acid
02. Qwazars
03. Nodyahead
04. Aether

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