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M-Audio Announces Songwriter Suite

M-Audio arms composers with a software suite from AIR Music Technology, including Virtual Instruments for drums, piano and more.

If you are a composer and own, or want to own an M-Audio M-Track II, M-Track Plus II, M-Track Eight and or Vocal Studio Pro II, you will now have the opportunity to use M-Audios own virtual instrument library, the Songwriter Suite. 

With M-Audio's Songwriter Suite, musicians and composers benefit from an expansive virtual instrument collection to help with creative inspiration right from the "get-go". 

Spearheading the software suite lineup is AIR Music Tech's Strike 2, a dynamic drum and arranger instrument with access to 19 customizable kits recorded at the legendary Blackbird Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. 

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AIR Music Tech also provides a Mini Grand included in the suite. With 7 selectable piano models, re-pedaling technology, and built-in room simulation, the Mini Grand can be a powerful tool for any songwriter. 

Completing the Suit is Xpand!2, a multi-timbral workstation that utilizes everything from Wavetable to FM Synthesis and even sample playback. For those songwriters that are not so well versed in synthesis, Xpand!2 comes with thousands of presets for a wide variety of genres. 

If you are using an M-Audio interface I would definitely suggest making the most of this Songwriter Suite. The Interface cost is as follows:

  • M-Track II                           $99
  • M-Track Plus II                  $149
  • M-Track Eight                    $399
  • Vocal Studio Pro II            $199

More info here. 

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