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Magnetic Podcast: Cold & Warm Melodic Techno Mix

Mellow, ethereal and filled with beautiful sounds for your listening pleasure
Cold and Warm Podcast Cover

Cold & Warm: Melodic Techno & Electronic 

I've always loved electronic music that can work both on a dance floor and for reclining or chilling out. A lot of the early more melodic Tech House from guys like Terry Lee Brown, Jr. and The Timewriter really got me into this more cinematic sound that can be really powerful and emotional music much like a film score but with dance beats. 

So here is nice little collection of some great tunes that I found on Soundcloud while exploring one its many vast musical caverns. You might hear some Nils Frahm inspirations in there and some things you just can't classify, some new and some a little older. Enjoy the sounds of Cold & Warm.

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