Magnetic's Top Ten List Of Greatest Fails in 2015

From record losses at the box office to terrible albums, here is who stunk it up in 2015
Robert Sillerman of SFX Entertainment

Three EDM Industry Veterans File Lawsuit Against Robert Sillerman, The Founder Of SFX Entertainment

It's the end of the year, and you know what that means, lots and lots of lists to make everything all nice and tidy. Why do we like lists so much? Maybe because they are the CliffsNotes for your year-end recap and maybe because you can't remember most of it? If anything, they are nice reminders of what we loved, what we missed and what we didn't care for. 

So here is yet another list, this is the one for the trolls, haters, snarkers and people that want to feel a little bit better about their own year. 

May we present to you, Magnetic's Top Ten Greatest Fails in 2015. 

sfx entertainment logo

SFX Entertainment 

1. SFX Entertainment

Yes, you probably figured this was on the top of our list. Robert Sillerman's ill-fated, and boastful journey into the world of electronic dance music is slowly coming to an end it seems. Will 2016 see a revival? Rumors are circling inside the industry that there is some major new leadership on the way.

2. Tidal 

You don't have to say much here. Everything was done wrong, from the press event to the pricing. You were kind of rooting for them a little bit at the beginning, and then you saw that press conference, and then nah. 

Swedish House Mafia bio

Swedish House Mafia bio

3. Swedish House Mafia's Solo Careers

The Swedes story is kind of like the New Kids On The Block story, where these guys were so hot that they could sell out every show they booked ten times over but once they split it was donezo, like REALLY over. Ok so it's not that bad for the Swedes, but it's not great.

Then one of their little brothers pretty much steals the limelight, and the rest of them are getting turned down on D-level reality shows, if that even. So yea, I'm saying Alesso is like Mark Wahlberg for those of you that weren't following the analogy. 

Avicii Stories Album Cover

Avicii Stories 

4. Avicii’s Stories Album

In a career that began with a lot of musical promise it was sad to see such a steaming pile of cheese come from the guy that brought us "Levels." Let's hope he'll come back next year and maybe Daniel Tosh will give him a web redemption? It's not over for this guy just yet, but it's close.

DJ Paris Hilton To Headline 'World's Largest Music Festival'

Strike a pose, let's get to it, it's not that hard if you don't really do it. 

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5. Paris Hilton’s DJ Career

You could potentially just lump this in with SFX, but that's not even fair to SFX because at least they had a shot and a shred of credibility. This trainwreck narcissist it seems has gone away for the most part and can only get gigs in third world countries now. Poor bastards. 

jar jar Top 100

Jar Jar #1

6. DJ Mag Top 100 

Huge bummer. This is why we can't have nice things. 

We Are Your Friends

We Are Your Friends

7. We Are Your Freinds #WAYF

Movies about subcultures are almost always tough, and this one was exceptionally bad. WAYF grossed only $1.8 million and opened on 2000+ screens making it the biggest stinker in major studio box office history.

TomorrowWorld 2015 Image 5

TomorrowWorld 2015 

8. TomorrowWorld 

See No. 1. You know you've got it rough when you make the list twice, although to SFX's credit a lot of the problems were weather related, but wow what a shit show. 

Afrojack wax figure

Should have been made in cheese.

9. Afrojack Wax Sculpture

They are going to have to pull it out of Madame Tussauds in a couple of years because no one is going to know who it is.

Magnetic's Winter Music Conference 2014 Miami Event Guide

Winter Music Conference, Then Ultra Music Week and finally Miami Music Week.. 

10. Winter Music Conference 

Wedding DJ Alert aka Mobile DJs every fucking where. Yes, there is actually a Winter Music Conference that has been going on for 31+ years before things just became known as Ultra Week or Miami Music Week. It's kind of like a sad insurance seminar that just lingers around like a creepy uncle at a wedding. Just check out the website, that will clear it all up. 


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