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Marcell Dettman Finds A Forgotten Track, Shares It As A Free Download

Only previously available on vinyl, released back in 2008
Marcel Dettmann

I've been saying this for years that producers probably have tons of projects on their hard drives that may never see the light of day. And it's a shame. 

Whether they have somewhat completed tracks that are stored away so they can work on it later or just keep loads of stems to possibly add to new projects, producers are strapped.

It must be an interesting experience to look through an accomplished producers hard drive, like Marcell Dettman for instance. He recently came across a remix from 2008 that was only released on vinyl. Now he's giving it away as a free download. It's a quality Techno oriented track that's dark, eerie and mysterious. Just the way we like it. 

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"Marcel recently found this remix from 2008… which was not released digitally yet… it’s now yours to download for a limited time… thanks for all your support… We wish you all the best in 2016!"

To grab the free download click here.

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