California native Marques Wyatt is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to spinning deep dance music. He's played a seminal role in the Los Angeles nightlife scene for decades, guiding dancefloors with his distinct flavor of House music. 

Marques Wyatt will be taking over the decks at Minimal Effort's NYE event this year and he's a standout addition to the lineup. He's gone ahead and put together a selection of his favorite end of the year tracks to help set the mood for the last celebration of 2015. So don't hesitate, just dive right in.

'Vermillion (&ME Remix)' - Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons
[Crosstown Rebels]

A trifecta of my favorite labels, remixers and artists all wrapped into one. Featured nightly.

'We Dance Again' - Black Coffee
[Soulistic Music]

Coffee had been telling me he had a new album he thought I would really like. He dropped this in Croatia at a festival we were both playing at last summer and saw me looking at him from the dance floor. He winked. I knew it was his.

'Sanura' - SIS
[Crosstown Rebels]

This record is pure ethnic FIRE! I call it a "toilet paper record", because when I play it...the crowd always loses it's SH*T! ;-) Sorry, had to >:->

'No Trouble (Original Mix)' - Christian B & Lavvy Levan
[Friday Fox Recordings]

I just got this promo the night of Halloween. I could literally see police lights outside the club from the decks when I was mixing it in. When the guy starts singing and repeating "We don't want no trouble", the crowd went nutz! Although, the party was eventually shut down, it was a moment nevertheless. It's been wreaking havoc on the dance floor for me ever since.

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'Y.O.U.D. (Original Mix)' - Culoe De Song

This is one of those rare instrumental tracks that works on all house dance floors from Burning Man to clubs and beyond. They don't get much more prolific than Culoe De Song, who just happens to be an excellent DJ as well. This kid is the real deal. Not unlike Innervisions.

'For Those Who Like to Get Down (Soul Clap Acid Smoothout)' - Marques Wyatt
[Om Records]

I couldn't be anymore pleased to have had friends mix my track and do it supreme justice.

'Favouride (Original Mix)' - Isolee
[Pampa Records]

This track is simply beautiful. Isolee are just "SICK" and I mean that in the most loving way:-) They can do no wrong. Not to mention, I see most things on Pampa and I just add them to my cart. True Story.

'Sittin' Here' - St Germain
[Parlophone France]

I had been eagerly anticipating this new album, after such a long hiatus and being amongst my favorite groups. This is the standout track for me.

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