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House Music Legend Marshall Jefferson Launches Kickstarter to Press New Album on Vinyl

New music recorded with a custom built microphone, we can't wait to hear this.

House music owes a lot to Marshall Jefferson. His influential work is well documented with his innovative productions during the early stages of developing the genre. Back in the 1986 he released the original House music anthem 'Move Your Body (The House-Music Anthem)' that truly revolutionized dance music forever.

Marshall Jefferson is definitely still going strong in the production game. He's recently finished recording a new album with the mysterious producer Sleezy D that features 23 new tracks. Jefferson even built a custom binaural microphone for the project which definitely promises to make this release unique. 

In order to get this new collection of tracks on vinyl, he's launched a Kickstarter with a goal of raising $10,000 to cover expenses. If you would like to get on the action you can donate to Jefferson's Kickstarter campaign here. Those who donate can either receive digital downloads, 909 T-Shirts, mugs and vinyls. If a pledge is made of $5,000 or more, Jefferson will deliver the singular custom microphone that was used to record the album. After all, it's now a piece of history.

Watch the video below to hear more about the project from the artist himself.

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