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Ministry of Sound Will Be The First Club to Feature New Dolby Soundsystem

The new immersive sound technology promises to be the future of club atmosphere

Ministry of Sound in London will be the first club in the world to be fitted with the new Dolby Atmos, the company's newest soundsystem technology.

The 60-speaker rig features 22 channels which will allow the club to totally immerse it's patrons in sound. The new soundsystem will be getting a proper launch on January 23rd as Hospital Records puts on a showcase with the Drum and Bass elite.

Dolby's new sound technology will present a clubbing atmosphere that is unlike anything else. Ministry CEO Lohan Presencer describes it as "creating multidimensional soundscapes".

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"Dolby Atmos allows our patrons to experience the future of dance music, creating multidimensional soundscapes the likes of which have never been heard before in a nightclub environment. It's simply breathtaking."

Dolby describes the new system as creating a new dimension of sound. "Sound moves around you in three-dimensional space, so you feel like you're inside the action." Now, doesn't that sound epic?

[via RA]

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